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Do you trust yourself?

Many times we choose to look at the people around us and judge their character based on our own beliefs and assumptions. One of the questions we must ask ourselves in order to survive life is this: do I trust this person?

Here is a question that I want to ask you, do you trust yourself? Take a moment to really think about that because it will dictate the way in which you live your life forever.

Most likely the answer is yes, and no.

Maybe you trust yourself to pick up the groceries but fixing the roof is another thing. We cant be competent in everything. If that's true then we should look at what we trust ourselves with. We should trust ourselves with our own future.

We should trust ourselves with money.

We should trust ourselves in relationships.

We should trust ourselves when we are alone.

These are just some of the examples of the things that we should trust ourselves with.

I know from my own experience I have broken trust in every area of my life at least once.

But I don't have to continue.

I have a choice to build trust with myself. I hope you feel the same way.

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