Cam's a thirty four year old resident of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He's lived in Vancouver for five years and grew up in North Delta, B.C. Canada. 


Currently Cam's a professional firefighter and he loves being able to help protect the community of Vancouver. The occupation is challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling.


His journey to becoming a firefighter was anything but usual which is what lead him to write a book about it. From an early age he struggled with addiction and behavioral issues that lead him to being expelled from school at the age of sixteen. From that point he struggled and his personal issues compounded.


Once Cam hit rock bottom at the age of twenty one he decided it was time to fight back and reclaim his life. The first step was to get his high school diploma. He worked in a factory by day and attended school at night until he earned his diploma. Around that same time he had a chance encounter with a golf coach who discovered a previously known talent he had for hitting a golf ball. From there his life took a different direction.


He landed a scholarship in the United States to compete in golf and earn a business and economics degree. Upon returning to Canada Cam wanted to give back so he embarked on a journey to become a first responder. It was the challenge of a lifetime. Now he's a firefighter, published author, and business owner ready to help other people make the changes in their lives that will allow them to live the life they were meant to.