Why do we love stories about the underdog? Maybe it's the struggle, maybe it's the failure, or maybe it's the victory. Whatever it is, we can all relate to feeling like the underdog sometimes.

Today our society celebrates success, winning, and excellence. However, it's easy to overlook the journey that lead to those outcomes. In my personal story I talk about my journey in life that lead me to overcome failure, addiction, and self-sabotage.

My intention is to use my vulnerability to help other people know that they are not alone in the journey of life. We are in this journey together. 

I'm SO glad Cam wrote his story down! It's inspiring, motivating, and really well written for a first time author. So many different types of people can relate to his story. 5 stars!!

Michael Nunziata - Co-founder and owner of VIP Fitness and Lifestyle


Honestly I read the entire book in two days! It's a page-turner for sure. I'm waiting for part two!

Heather James - CEO and owner of Active First Aid

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